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Surgi-Clin is a distributor of electro-medical devices and medical consumables throughout Southern Africa.

Surgi-Clin provides specialised equipment to meet the stringent expectations of specialist physicians, private clinics and hospitals – including operating theatres, critical care, high care units, trauma and emergency care. We also cater for the occupational health and home care sectors.

Our state of the art equipment is complemented by a vast range of medical consumables.


Surgi-Clin was formed in 2004 to cater to Clinical Engineers as well as technicians for the supply, service and repair of medical equipment and disposables.

We soon thereafter started to work directly with hospitals and clinics, and in various cases handle all the maintenance and Clinical Engineering needs of various private hospitals.

Surgi-Clin started to work with state as well as private hospital groups, for service, repair and procurement, and has also been involved in turn key hospital solutions, where we designed, planned and equipped privately owned hospitals and clinics across Africa.

Surgi-Clin is now fully compliant with industry standards at all levels including the requirements of the Health Care Charter and Broad Based Black Empowerment regulations.

As a South African company with a progressive vision for the future, Surgi-Clin is committed to promoting equity employment, skills development and financial empowerment amongst all its stakeholders.


Our client base spans the entire Southern African region. This is accomplished by strategic alliances in the African continent with direct representation in South Africa. Our market comprises three segments: hospitals (which include all state, academic and private clinics and hospitals), Clinical Engineering workshops and medical practitioners.

The fundamental principles of support are the same for all:

  • Local sales representation in each area depending on market demands
  • A clinical Applications Expert for each product line, trained to provide detailed information regarding each product
  • Installation and commissioning done by factory-trained personnel
  • Trained Clinical Engineers or technicians for all technical related concerns, as well as maintenance

Product Ranges

We stock a wide range of used and refurbished medical equipment and furniture as well as the following:

Administration Sets
AED (Automatic External Defibrillators)
Anaesthetic Machines
Bed Pan Washers
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Telephone:+27 12 997 5360
Mobile:+27 83 415 0186