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    DAVID TI-2000 Transport Incubator

  • Devilbiss_sleep_cube

    DeVilbiss Sleep Cube BiLevel S

    Bag and Circuit

    The SleepCube BiLevel S is a variation of traditional CPAP therapy. Instead of providing air at a constant pressure all night, the machine automatically “senses” inspiration and expiration breathing signals and varies its pressure level accordingly. On inspiration, higher pressure is needed to prevent apnoeas, hypopneas or snoring. On expiration, a lower pressure is adopted to ensure patient comfort with less resistance. A BiLevel S is particularly useful for those patients who require high pressure.  DDI_SellSheet_SleepCubeBiLevelS_2020_EN_V1

    Product Features:

    • Pressure range 3 – 25 cmH2O
    • Max. adjustable Pressure Delta 22 cmH2O
    • 10 Trigger Settings (IPAP/EPAP)
    • 5 adjustable Flow Roundings (IPAP / EPAP)
    • Real-time parameters, e.g. leakage, minute volume MV, tidal volume VT, I:E
    • Delay Comfort Feature: 0 to 45 minutes, 5-minute increments
    • SmartLink & SmartCode compatible

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